MECAS(13)18 – Productivity and Innovation in the World Sugar Industry– English

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Publisher: International Sugar Organisation
Format: digital download (PDF), 11.7” × 16.5”
Pages: 53
Publication date: Nov 2013
Languages: English*

Innovation is fundamental to improving productivity in the world sugar industry. Three key drivers for innovation stand out. The first is to adapt to the impacts of climate variability and longer term climate change which will bring higher average temperatures, changes in rainfall patterns, and more frequent extreme events. The second is to respond to the challenges of rising input costs and longer term competitiveness. The third is to take advantage in the longer term of a wealth of opportunities for value adding in the sugar industry with advancements in molecular biology technologies and the development of the biorefinery concept to commercialisation.

The objective in this study is to investigate drivers for innovation as well as to highlight innovation possibilities over the medium term to improve productivity in both field and factory in the world sugar industry.

*Also available in French, Russian and Spanish.


Table of Contents


Part 1: Sugar Industry Innovation in a Broader Context

  • Drivers for Innovation
  • Defining Innovation
  • World Sugar Industry Productivity

Part 2: Innovation in the Cane Sugar Industry Value Chain

  • 2.1 Innovation Clusters
  • 2.2 Institutions to Foster Technical Innovation
  • 2.3 Biotechnology and Cane Breeding
  • 2.4 Innovation via Information and Communication Technology
  • 2.5 Sugarcane Processing Innovation
  • 2.6 Cane Milling R&D Institutes

Part 3: Beet Sugar Innovation and Productivity

  • 3.1 Innovation and R&D in the EU Sugar Beet Industry
  • 3.2 Innovation in Plant Breeding: GM beet in the United States
  • 3.3 Innovation in Sugar Beet Processing

Part 4: Bio Refinery Technologies Tantalise on the Innovation Horizon

  • 4.1 Bio Refining in the Cane Sugar Industry
  • 4.2 Bio Refining in the Beet Sugar Industry


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