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Sugar Trader+

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Trader+ combines the full suite of Sugaronline's news, prices and reports with the power of the Datagro Markets platform.

Datagro Markets provides news, national and international real-time and stock market data and analysis with depth and opinion to base your operational and strategic decisions.

Sugar Trader grants access to:

  • News
  • Delayed Prices
  • Historical Prices
  • Charts & Options
  • DATAGRO Sugar & Ethanol Weekly Review
  • ebriefing
  • Travelling Trader
  • Sugaronline Editorials
  • Newsletter
  • ADMISI Daily Currency Reports
  • ADMISI Monthly Review of FX & Commodity Markets
  • USCR Report
  • Ecoflex Trading
  • Ethanol Report from Ecoflex Trading
  • Press Releases
  • Sucden Financial Sugar Charts
  • Sucden Report
  • Sugaronline Special Reports
  • USDA Reports
  • Williams Reports
  • Cropcast Daily Weather Report
  • Cropcast Weekly Weather Reports
  • JOB Economia
  • Sugaronline Bulk Freight Matrix
  • Sugaronline Container Freight Matrix
  • Sugaronline India Report
  • Sugaronline World Reports
  • Sugaronline East Asia & Oceania Report
  • Datagro Markets
    • Technical Requirements:
      Processador: Intel Pentium or AMD, dual core or higher;
      RAM: 2 GB (or higher);
      Disk Space: 1 GB Free (or higher);
      Operational System: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (or higher);
      Internet: 1Mbps (or higher)

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$750 per month