MECAS(08)07 - India

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To assess India's sugar market outlook to 2015 with a view to understanding its potential to become a major regular exporter of sugar.

The world sugar market is highly sensitive to developments in India in 2007/08 as the country is responsible for a large share of the global surplus. In particular the country is already exporting significant volumes of sugar to the world market and may become a major supplier. This will be possible, however, only if it manages to consolidate its position as a regular large-scale exporter. Key issues to be assessed in the study will include: a changing industry structure after massive investment into the processing sector in the middle of the current decade; how competitive India's sugar is internationally; how fast India may develop a proper export infrastructure to cope with large-scale exports of both white and raw sugar; and how India's notorious sugar cycle, driven by weather and government interventions, can be mitigated.

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