MECAS(10)06 - World Trade in Raw and White Sugar - Recent Trends and Prospects


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Since the beginning of the current decade, the volume of sugar traded internationally has grown from less than 40 mln tonnes, to 52.4 mln tonnes, raw value, projected for 2009/10. The expansion of raw sugar trade has been particularly significant. Indeed, increases in raw sugar turnover have been responsible for nearly 75% of the overall growth in sugar trade during the current decade. The October/September sugar trade statistics, estimates and forecasts published in the ISO Quarterly Market Outlooks until now show only the overall world and country totals. Clearly, separated trade balances for white and raw sugar markets would allow a more thorough analysis of the market situation. In the new study, using a comprehensive database of white and raw sugar imports and exports on the October/September basis the ISO re-examines long-term trends of white and raw sugar trade, which have been identified in a number of previous ISO studies. Special attention has been paid to those trends which are likely to continue in the near future. The projection for the trade balance for two market segments in for 2009/10 has been also prepared. Starting from May 2010, the ISO will release quarterly its projections for white/raw sugar trade balances as a permanent feature of the Quarterly Market Outlook. In the Statistical Appendix world exports and imports of raw and white sugar, including data for about 175 countries and territories for the period from 1999/00 to 2009/10, are shown.




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