MECAS(10)18 – Industrial and Direct Consumption of Sugar - an International Survey (English)

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Understanding the dynamics of consumption and, especially, consumption growth, is vitally important in assessing the future of the world sugar economy.

In the second half of the 20th century, a major trend in sugar use developed. At the global level there was a flat or slow growing direct or table-top consumption as against the rapid growth in industrial (or indirect) consumption through sugar-containing products. The growth in industrial consumption at the expense of direct use of sugar was attributed to demographic changes, income growth as well as growth in the share of urban population.

In the present study the ISO Secretariat attempts to find out how important direct consumption and industrial use of sugar in the overall sugar disappearance are. There is almost a complete lack of data on industrial consumption in the public domain. The present survey is correcting this dearth of knowledge and the ISO presents data collected from about 30 countries and the European Union (EU) over the period of 5 years starting from 2005.

The countries in the survey represent all geographical regions and include both developed and developing countries, net-exporters and net-importers of sugar. In the survey data for 7 out of the 10 world's largest sugar consuming countries (India, the EU, China, the US, Brazil, Russia and Indonesia), as well as a number of regional leading consuming nations in all the geographical regions are collected. The surveyed countries were responsible for 70% of global sugar consumption in 2009. Taking into account the high level of coverage in terms of both volumes of sugar consumption and geographical distribution by the collected sample, the calculated shares of particular segments of the domestic market may be considered as a general global indicator illustrating the allocation of direct and industrial consumption worldwide.

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