MECAS(14)07 - Government Sugar Trade Policy - Import Duties and Tariff Rates Quotas: Impacts on the World Sugar Trade

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Publisher: International Sugar Organisation
Format: digital download (PDF), 11.7” × 16.5”
Pages: 58
Publication date: June 2014
Language: English*

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This study provides the ISO's first comprehensive analysis of applied tariffs and tariff-rate quotas (TRQs) in sugar across the 30 largest sugar importers (accounting for 75% of world trade) and the 20 largest sugar exporters (accounting for 90% of world trade).

Access to major markets for raw and white sugar is shaped significantly by the disparity in applied tariff levels (between 0% and 200%) and by TRQs - including those providing minimum access under WTO commitments, those agreed under Free Trade Agreements and those agreed under other preferential trading arrangements. The weighted average import tariff for importers is 33.4% and 37.4 % for raw and white sugar respectively and for exporters is 25.4% and 25.6% respectively for raw and white sugar.

Key TRQs are those of the United States, Mexico, the EU and China. To varying degrees TRQs are found to be manipulated in response to domestic market deficits and the method of administration can be crucial in determining the fill rate. In the case of the EU and the United States, the degree to which market access is fully utilised depends in part on relative returns achievable on the world and regional markets. In the case of China, imports have far exceeded WTO market access commitments in recent years as the differential between world and local prices have allowed full duty-paid imports.

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