Sugaronline Price Calculator

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Sugaronline Price Calculator - price your sugar effectively

The new Sugaronline Price Calculator allows participants in the physical sugar market to arrive at a price for their buying/selling transactions.

If buyers need to source local materials or bring in supplies from further afield, you can use the Calculator to make the optimal procurement decisions. Sellers can use this tool to make sure all their elements of a quote or transaction price are clear and transparent.

You can create your own Calculators in the tool by identifying the physical destinations for the transactions, selecting the contract basis price (ICE, SOL Cash Market Prices or Brazil Export Reference Prices) and then building the details of the transaction price.

Sugaronline Price Calculator

Whether you want to arrive at a price per tonne that is FOB, CFR, CIF or fully DDP the Calculator will help you achieve that in an efficient and transparent way. Since the Calculator’s values can be viewed in live time it is useful for finance teams and senior management to see clearly how the prices have been determined.

The Sugaronline Price Calculator is available via web browser, Android and iOS app.

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The Sugaronline Team