MECAS(13)17 – Indonesia: Future Sugar Prospects– English

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Publisher: International Sugar Organisation
Format: digital download (PDF), 11.7” × 16.5”
Pages: 34
Publication date: Nov 2013
Languages: English*

Indonesia is the world’s seventh largest sugar consuming country, as well as the third largest user of sugar in Asia after India and China. The country also belongs to the group of the world’s 10 largest cane sugar producers. Nevertheless, due to a considerable and growing gap between domestic output and demand, the country has to rely on large scale imports of sugar from the world market. Despite several government plans to achieve self-sufficiency in sugar as the main approach to assuring food security, Indonesia remains one of the world’s leading sugar importers. In 2012, having imported 3.3 mln tonnes Indonesia was the world’s second largest net-importing country after China.

This study assesses the potential for sugar consumption and production in Indonesia and provides projections of its sugar production, consumption, and trade up to the year 2020. The paper first presents a general overview of Indonesia’s market and its importance in the world sugar economy. We continue our analysis by examining the recent trends and prospects in sugar consumption and providing indicative projections for consumption growth till the end of the current decade. The third part of the study is dedicated to a discussion of production trends and prospects, also focusing on raw sugar refining. Finally, the ISO provides an analysis of the trade balance (a discussion of the dynamics and product structure in sugar imports), as well as an assessment of Indonesia’s future role in the international sugar trade up to the end of the current decade.

*Also available in French, Russian and Spanish.


Table of Contents


I. Indonesia – the Current Position on the World Sugar Map

  • Box 1 Primer on Indonesian Sugar policy

II. Sugar Consumption

  • General Overview
  • Market Structure and Organization
  • Domestic Prices
  • Outlook for Consumption to 2020

III. Sugar Production

  • General Overview
  • Cane Cultivation
  • Processing Sector
  • Raw Sugar Refining
  • Box 2 “Sugar Dragons” and “Samurais”
  • Self-sufficiency: Targets and Reality
  • New Sugar Production Projects
  • Outlook to 2020
  • Box 3 Sugar and Ethanol in Indonesia

IV. Sugar Imports: Trends and Prospects

  • General Overview
  • Import Regulations
  • Box 4 Indonesia’s import tariffs under ASEAN and AFTA
  • Changes in Trade Flows of Raw sugar
  • Dynamic and Geographical Structure of White Sugar Imports
  • Long-term Import Prospects


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