MECAS(14)05 - The EU Sugar Market Post 2017

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Publisher: International Sugar Organisation
Format: digital download (PDF), 11.7” × 16.5”
Pages: 46
Publication date: June 2014
Language: English*

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This paper takes stock of major developments in the EU sugar industry over the past few years with the view of investigating the possible implications of the 2017 Reform of its Sugar Regime and its impact on the world market. This paper has three main objectives:

  • First, to examine EU sugar production, consumption and trade and the major developments/industry characteristics across the 28 countries of the bloc in the wake of the 2006 Reform of the EU Sugar Regime.
  • Second, to investigate the implications of the recently announced 2017 Reform to the key stakeholders, particularly EU beet/sugar producers, and to present recent developments on the status of the Economic Partnership Agreements with ACP countries and other Free Trade Agreements.
  • Finally, the paper presents two scenarios on how beet sugar production is likely to respond, by taking into account different levels of world market prices and import parity prices. What implications will a higher or lower level of world sugar prices, amid the threat of competition from isoglucose, have for beet sugar production in the EU and imports from preferential sugar trade partners of the LDC/ACP group as well as others? Will the EU turn into a net sugar exporter after the 2017 Reform?

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