MECAS(15)06 - Domestic Sugar Prices - a Survey

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Publisher: International Sugar Organisation
Format: digital download (PDF), 11.7” × 16.5”
Pages: 52
Publication date: June 2015
Languages: English*

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With the continuing globalisation of the world sugar economy the importance of domestic market sugar prices is growing. In contrast to well-monitored world market prices, information on domestic prices is patchy and sometimes difficult to obtain.

The present survey provides an update on a long-term series of annual averages for domestic prices for the period from 2005 to 2014. Our records of retail prices cover countries representing about 84% of world consumption, while the database for wholesale prices includes records on countries representing on average about 79% of world sugar consumption.

Apart from being a reference paper on domestic prices at both the retail and wholesale levels, the paper also investigates links between world and domestic prices in a large number of countries including both exporters and importers of sugar, beet and cane sugar producers, focusing on the level of correlation between prices of the world and internal markets.


Table of Contents


I. Comments on Sources and Methods

Box 1 What is Price Transmission Analysis?

II. Wholesale price

1. General observations

2. Wholesale prices in importing and exporting countries

3. Wholesale prices in beet and cane producing countries

III. Retail prices

1. General observations

2. Retail prices in importing and exporting countries

3. Beet and cane producing countries: difference in retail prices

IV. Country Studies

Box 2 Typical Major Price Drivers on Domestic Markets

1. India

2. EU-28

Box 3 European Food Prices Monitoring Tool

3. China

4. Brazil

5. US

6. Russian Federation

7. Mexico

Box 4 Prices for sugar and sugar containing products in Colombia


Statistical Appendix

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