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Our constantly updated information covers all aspects of the value chain, from production, processing and refining to shipping, along with the latest changes in national and international policy, science and technology.


  • Crop production news to keep up to date on supplies
  • Prices to know when and where to sell your sugar
  • Technology to improve efficiency
  • Policy to know what’s coming down the line for the entire supply chain
  • Track trends in trade that will impact S&D


  • Advanced weather analysis for growing conditions
  • Real-time prices so you know when best to sell
  • Discover how changing policy affects you
  • Updated crop analysis giving you time to adapt
  • A global perspective on the market and how that affects your future

Food Manufacturers

  • Production statistics to ensure sufficient supplies
  • Health and obesity trends to understand what consumer impacts will have on demand
  • Track prices to better hedge your supply chain
  • Monitor sugar tax policy for your reformulation decision
  • Market analysis to help decide which products to sell where
  • Information on both sugar and starch sweeteners


  • Sugaronline Cash Market Prices
  • Production statistics to know what’s produced where and when
  • Trade flows to understand where surpluses and deficits may arise
  • Freight matrix to know what vessels are where
  • Prices to watch trends and know when to make your move
  • Datagro Markets Platform provides all of Datagro’s suite of analysis for sugar and grains plus charting
  • ICE Connect Platform offers real time prices for ICE and other exchanges around the world

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However granular you like your information, all the detail, data and analysis we put at your fingertips is designed to make your job of making good decisions for your business easier.


Whether for sugar trading, purchasing or industry insight, we provide a one stop shop for accurate, real-time global sugar prices.

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Original and curated content that help to build a picture of industry insights, expert analysis and world sugar consumption.

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Keep up to date with the most recent, relevant industry news. One feed, multiple sources, less hassle.

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Every update, every download and every document in one place. Access as little, or as much of the global sugar market as you need, whenever you need it.

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Some comments from our customers

“What a huge breath of fresh air at Sugaronline! Saw the collaboration with Datagro, new reports, revamped style, etc. Is there no stopping you?”


“What is this story you guys ran on [leading sugar company] being in turmoil? Had about three people message me yesterday asking what is going on!”

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