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South African Small Maple Syrup Market may Present Niche Prospects for United States Suppliers , 29th April 2021


4th May 2021

There are no known plantations for sugar maple trees and maple syrup production in South Africa. While the market is relatively small compared to the United States, it may present niche prospects for U.S. maple exports. South Africa has been a net importer of maple syrup since 2015, and imports in 2020 were valued at US$647,729 (109 Metric Tons (MT)). Year-to-date imports up to March 2021 have already increased fivefold in comparison to the same period in 2020. Canada was the leading supplier of maple syrup and accounted for 74 percent of the total imports in 2020. Imports from the United States have declined from a peak of 49 MT in 2011, to less than 1 MT in 2020. Notably, real maple syrup is considered expensive in the South African local market, and there are several alternatives which are at least 8 times cheaper.

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