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Sugaronline Editorial – Peeking into the Forbidden City By Meghan Sapp

23rd September 2016

Topical, bold, outspoken, sometimes controversial, but always informed, Managing Director Meghan Sapp’s weekly Editorial gives you the stories behind the headlines ; an invaluable guide to the real sugar industry.

<p>&nbsp;</p><p>China&rsquo;s sugar production season <a style="color: #ce0000; text-decoration: underline" href="articles/news-results/?sf1=old_id&st1=1247105">kicked off this week</a> as the first of 13 beet factories in Xinjiang began its annual slicing campaign, starting off what is likely to be a season full of confusion, posturing and aggravation for the rest of the global sugar industry. And because it&rsquo;s China, there&rsquo;s

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